Effortless Elegance Meets Power and Style

  • Beautiful, roof up or down, GT Convertible’s flowing, elegant exterior styling is accented with muscular, sculptural lines.

The Continental GT Number 9 Edition by Mulliner is inspired by Bentley’s illustrious motorsport past and incorporates a number of distinctive features into the world’s most luxurious Grand Tourer. Just 100 examples will be handbuilt by Mulliner in Crewe, England, based on the Continental GT this year.

The new Bentley Continental GT has been winning praise and plaudits for its design and desirability all over the word since its unveiling. One interior feature in particular has generated a huge amount of interest – the new Bentley Rotating Display (BRD). 

Following Bentley’s design ethos of architecture dominant, technology subservient, the BRD is a three-sided unit featuring an impressive 12.3” touchscreen, three elegant analogue dials, or an elegantly simple veneer panel.

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                                              KARLMANN KING SUV

Karlmann King, a high-end custom made SUV, a ground "stealth" fighter, is created by a top automobile design team from Europe, combining with the top vehicle craftsmanship in Europe, intending to bring an unprecedented visual feast and driving experiences to the global car enthusiasts.

The Karlmann King SUV is based on a Ford F-550 and has a starting price of more than $2 million, packing more luxury than performance.

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