Paffard Keatinge-Clay (born 1926) is an English-born architect in the modernist tradition who spent most of his professional life in the United States of America.

Suffering and Consequences

Think about a time that you suffered because of someone else's bad decision. In The Six Swans by the Brothers Grimm, some of the characters suffer their own consequences, but others cause suffering to others. Let's find out more about this fairy tale.

The Swans

The girl looks for her brothers all night. At the end of the next day, she finds a hunter's hut. The swans fly inside and begin shedding their swan skin to reveal her brothers. They explain that the hut is a robber's den and not safe for her. They are allowed to remove their swan skin for 15 minutes per day. The only way to break the spell is if their sister does not 'speak or... laugh for six years, and in that time you would have to sew together six little shirts from asters for us.'

The new Kunsthalle Mannheim

James Turell "SPLIT 2018" Kunsthalle Mannheim

William Kentridge, O Sentimental Machine (2015), five-channel film and sculptural installation. Kunsthalle Mannheim

Mission Statement - Art becomes part of the city

The Kunsthalle Mannheim is one of the oldest civic collections of modern art in the world. Our identity has been shaped by major works by artists from Edouard Manet to William Kentridge as well as an outstanding focus on sculpture. We have been committed to championing the avant-garde and posing society’s existential questions for over 100 years. 

We are creating our future in a visionary new building, seeing 

ourselves as a city within a city. We are following a comprehensive digital strategy as a democratic institution.      

We think of exhibitions and artist projects as instruments for transcultural communication. The Kunsthalle is a meeting place for people of all generations and cultural backgrounds, housing inspiring art and hosting current debates.

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