L I V I G N O 

Lungo Lago Livigno is a town and comune in the province of Sondrio, in the region of Lombardy, Italy, located in the Italian Alps, near the Swiss border.

Going up and down surrounded by a fairy-tale landscape!

Livigno (Lombard Livign) In total there are about 132 mountain bike rides for you to discover within the region of Livigno. Discover the best routes. Here you will find suggested routes with altitudes, durations, directions and images. 

This is the prestigious high street, a great shopping mall with breath-taking views! Duty-free shopping experience combines with the surrounding pristine high-altitude mountain landscape. As one of the best-known tourist resorts in the Lombardy region with over250 shops Livigno is a Great Shopping Mall undisturbed by traffic, in the outdoors and surrounded by mountains. 

A new four-story concept store, the evolution of the historic Da Giuseppina 1941, the only multi-brand range for men, from more contemporary style to streetwear and the new classic, is dedicated to man in all its facets. In a facility installation that is connected with the nature of Livigno, its forests and waters.

The Hotel Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort 

The Mandira SPA the heart of Lungolivigno’s hospitality: three wellness centres dedicated to health and wellbeing on the roof of the Alps.In its new clothing the Mandira SPA does not give up to the Zen atmosphere of the East but marries it with its Alpine roots. A refreshingly clean-lined exterior set in a traditional, Alpine setting.

The feel-good mask is soaked with a complex consisting of apple stem cells and hyaluron. Stem cells are obtained from the particularly long-life 

The salt-water plunge pool, rich in potassium, magnesium and iodine, the salts of life, which permeate your centre and reach your core organs through the process of osmosis to stimulate healing from within.

To start off with the Apotheke and its Alpine herbs used by our naturopath for special tailored treatments.

Something really special in the Mandira SPA of the Hotel Lac Salin A journey of senses around the world, through the emotions of your body, to gain back energy and vitality.From the USA to the East, passing through Livigno, you will find your natural wellbeing!

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