La Vie SPA North Island Seychelles

by G O L D H A N D S

A customised treatment for each and every client

Photographed byWALTER KOBER

La Vie by GOLDAHNDS offers a variety of treatments designed to combine pleasurable experience with highly effective therapy.

Our massage techniques aim to release tightened muscles to produce greater strength, improve posture and correct visible signs of stress.

SPA & GYM The wellness experience is complemented by an up-to-date Fitness Centre

The right treatment for each client

Since my expertise encompasses both clinical training and practical experience, I can offer the approaches best suited to each client from a variety of medical and non-medical disciplines.

Working in partnership with my clients, I set specific goals and develop customized treatment plans to achieve the client’s objectives in the shortest possible time. With my clients’ insight and commitment, I can provide the skill set for us to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome together.

There is no single approach and each treatment depends on the information my clients provide about their needs. Each person has different requirements which should be reflected in treatments which are tailored to their individual needs.

Stephan Eschstruth, Naturopath, Manual Therapist, Olympic Sport-physiotherapist.

Stephan Eschstruth

Venkatesh Nayak, Spa Manager, Specialised in Ayurvedic Medicin


A whole body luxurious Indian Ayurvedic massage, where two therapists working in synchrony on both sides of the body. This massage facilitates the flow of lymph, detoxifies, relaxing, firms and tones the skin and increases Vitality.


Ideal for head, neck and shoulder tension. Includes neck and shoulder massage followed by reviving scalp massage and Reiki, designed to relieve head ache, stress and tension.


Luxurious massage with six hands working in a synchronized choreography, where it becomes impossible for the mind to follow the movements of hands, at this point body begin to relax and enjoy and receive fresh energy which harmonizes and regenerates us on every level, making feel like new person.

Working in harmony with all skin types, these essential treatments combat signs of aging stress, and fatigue as well as protect from modern-day pollutants.


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